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HABS Digital Retail Signage Solutions

HABS Digital offer unique and innovative in-store digital technology and products like no other signage company.  We supply and install a fantastic variety of point of purchase digital signage solutions as well as ongoing media management and creative design.

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A Complete In-store Digital Retail Solution


Introducing the new revolution in Point of Purchase media.

HABS Digital now offers HD multimedia and motion graphics, giving you the power to gain maximum impact and cut-through. Why settle for boring printed signage or still frame messaging?


Brand and product promotion exactly where you need it most.

The HABS Digital media platform will not only make a persuasive impression in your customers purchasing decision, but enables multiple product and brand messaging so that you own the P.O.P space.


Stop fighting for product recognition – be seen where & when it counts.

Ever wondered how ideal it would be to promote your new flavour or product launch to your customers without having to print, stick or build at the point-of-purchase?  Now you can easily push your digital multimedia messaging to any of your designated store locations, anytime you choose…


Dominate your customers purchasing decision right now.

HABS Digital places your product and brand “in their face” right at the time and place where it matters most!
This new opportunity to have the edge over your competitors is now easier than ever before. 


Send your brand and product messages instantly.

That’s right! Now you can communicate almost instantly to your customers. Promote your new product, flavour or that new WIN promotion without sending printed materials or hanging posters in-store… and it’s all set to your scheduled media plan!


Perfect for product launches and brand re-enforcement.

Tailor your in-store product messaging to streamline perfectly with your media schedule. HABS Digital will work with your media team and marketing schedule so that you are promoting your exact product or brand message to your customers where and when it should be… no later. 

A new in-store digital video advertising revolution has arrived!

Amazing high definition multimedia product and brand advertising right where it should be… in your customers face at the point of purchase! Now you can offer multiple sales promotions and product launches easily and more effectively.

Reduce the cost of lost advertising and wasted media spend such as outdoor, magazine, or even TV. Now you can promote your new or existing product brands with HABS Digital and see the difference it makes… and wow your customers in the process!

Ever wished you could communicate your individual product or brand messages to different states, regions or even stores, without having to send staff off to various locations to put up or pack down..Now you can and all in full colour multimedia format!

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