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High Resolution LCD Displays:

HABS Digital offer a range of High resolution LCD displays that have been custom manufactured to fit most commercial refrigerators. Each patented display vary in size to accommodate single, double and triple door glass door display fridges within the upper lightbox area.  The displays can also be retro-fitted to suitable retail areas, such as bulkheads above product displays or shop-fitout displays and other suitable in-store locations. These ultra-wide, customised aspect ratio screens are rugged, portable and lightweight. Each high brightness display has been tested to perform in most lighting conditions and are specially engineered to perform, deliver and attract attention.

  • High Peformance Displays
  • Shock and Vibration Tested
  • Full HD Video Source Input
  • Auto Shutdown and Restart
  • No Additional Power Supply Required
  • Easy/No Fuss Plug and Play Setup

Flexible Multimedia Solutions:

We aren’t just experts when it comes to the hardware. The HABS Digital team has over 20+ years of combined experience in design and multimedia development. Our design & animation division demonstrates a strong understanding of how to create content that respects and emphasises the best qualities of your brand. Their desire to deliver marketing material that makes heads turn is second to none.

All you have to do is provide your logo, product shots and copy content – we take care of the rest. The design team will source and create visual elements that complement your brand, collating their ideas into storyboards that are fed back to you. Once any tweaks have been made, our animation team fires up its engines, breathing life into the approved designs. Once we get a final “we LOVE this video!” from you, we send it out to our screen network.

HABS Digital diligently communicates with you as we progress through each stage, ensuring your creative collateral bursts with on-brand brilliance.


Flexible Content Management System

HABS Digital offer a complete turn-key solution to deliver your brand and product messaging where and when you want it seen.

Our players cater for a many number of formats, these include images, video MP4, Flash, HTML5, Audio, PDF, live TV, media RSS, and UDP/RTP/RTSP streaming.
Our players upload heartbeats, screenshots and status information on a regular cycle, so you have proof of play reports uploaded daily for peace of mind.

The CMS is built to support any size network from 1 player to tens of thousands of players. Our in-built scheduling software has a wide range of scheduling features including date and time scheduling, day of the week, interval, interleaved and loop list playback by date, day of week, time and day parting., while content can be controlled to play within a given date range and by individual locations.


Hassle Free Supply or Installation:

Whether you require the unique digital displays or a complete refrigerator unit with the display built-in, HABS Digital will supply, deliver and install with minimal fuss or disturbance.

There is no staff education or assistance required, HABS Digital test each unit both prior and at the time of installation and all media scheduling is run remotely. You receive a full report of play activity based on time/date/file name.

Depending on your retail space and setup, our displays have their own internet access and additional power need not be required as our units access power from the refrigerator units. HABS Digital install and test each display in next to no time with minimal interruption to your day to day business.


Advertisers love our fridge displays!

Are you a Media Agency wanting to offer your clients something NEW ?

HABS Digital now offer you and your clients a whole new media platform in the retail and POP space. Your clients will recognise the value of this service and now you can offer them a new and powerful media buy opportunity to help strengthen and grow their marketing strategy.

Are you an Advertising Agency wanting to WOW your clients ?

Need to impress your FMCG clients with your product or branding concepts? What better way to showcase your creative than to offer a unique and powerful platform to sell them on. For more information about our display specifications contact us for a HABS Digital media kit.

Are you a FMCG company seeking a New media solution at POP?

HABS Digital offer one of the most exciting media opportunities that will turn heads and increase product engagement like no other. Stand out from the competition within the product flooded market place, communicate your brand and product messaging where and when you need it.

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