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Need to make that ultimate impression ?

It’s all about communication and making a valuable impression. That’s why finding an innovative solution to communicating your message is key to any successful corporate event.

Refreshment beverages are vital to any function and help delegates and attendees to feel relaxed and comfortable. But why not take advantage of this valuable yet necessary opportunity.

HABS Digital have created the ideal solution that will enable you to provide important information and branding while your delegates continue to relax and socialise outside of keynote speaking or presentations.

Enquire now to discuss our range of available in-fridge digital media displays for any upcoming corporate event or function. 


Make your sporting sponsorship package so much more appealing

All major sporting events are reliant on sponsorship, while these sponsors need to ensure their advertising dollars are strategically positioned and their brand messaging is wide spread and highly prominent.

Our unique digital display solutions give sponsors an innovative platform to showcase their brand messaging and provide event organisers an opportunity to communicate to captive audiences in areas where large crowds can gather for refreshments.

Ask us about our product offering to help your next major sporting event and encourage sponsorship investment.

Fantastic opportunities for both Conference Centres, Venues & Exhibitors

Want the edge over the competition at your next trade show event?

HABS Digital offer their highly innovative and very unique in-fridge digital media solution. Why not attract customers or attendees to your stand with a cool refreshing drink while captivating them customised multi-media product and branding messaging, all created by our in-house experienced designers.

Our ultra-wide, customised aspect ratio screens are rugged, portable and lightweight. Each high brightness display has been tested to perform in most lighting conditions and are specially engineered to perform, deliver and attract attention.

Video Display Unit Samples:

HABS Digital offer the most practical and visually innovative digital retail solutions at the Point-of-Purcahse.

Whether you require a built-in cooler advertising display screen for a single, double and three door fridge, or perhaps an end-of-isle or bulkhead mounted display…HABS Digital offers you complete end-to-end digital media solutions.


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