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Why HABS Digital?

The Digital Signage Media Revolution.

In a Nielsen survey of 1,000 shoppers, amongst those who had seen digital signage at retail, 42% said they would rather shop at a store with video displays, 68% of respondents said in-store messages would sway their purchasing decisions and 77% said it was a useful way to learn about products. Another report by Arbitron Research found that of those shoppers who have seen in-store TV, almost 30% made an unplanned purchase as a result. Retail case studies showing sales uplift of 10% on promoted products are common and major deployment stores have recorded average sales increases as high as 25% across advertised products

HABS Digital was developed through 20+ years of expertise in both the hospitality and beverage market and advertising and marketing industries. We wanted to help companies maximise the value and results of their retail digital marketing spend while eliminating the advertising waste… so we developed HABS Digital.

The potential for point-of-purchase advertising was staring us right in the face – and that’s exactly where we knew our concept should be made available. Blow away the competition and product chaos with HABS Digital media so you can start making an impact where it counts.


Sending any sales promotion or brand messaging to your entire retail chain in the one send – well now you can.

HABS Digital now offer complete branding flexibility and messaging at the most powerful and influential space you can advertise… at the point of purchase. We have taken advantage of this valuable piece of real estate in the retail space and provide HD multimedia branding and product messaging in a format like no other.

Created to Produce Results

Multiple Messaging

HABS Digital offer a unique and engaging retail media solution you have been searching for.
Our in-house marketing team can work directly with you or liaise with your own marketing team to advertise your brand, product, new flavour, in-store promotion or competition.  Introduce and engage your customers to your product or promotional message effectively at the point of purchase with our exciting new media platform.

Planning & Scheduling

HABS Digital deliver a complete media schedule detailing your media strategy by time & location, and best of all it’s totally flexible! We take into account all your requirements to work with your timing so your product and brand is seen where, when and how it should be. What if something changes and you need to make a change to your schedule? Don’t stress, the HABS Digital media platform can update any change you have almost immediately.

Design & Development

HABS Digital offer HD multimedia solutions to engage and captivate your customers. No printing, no time delays or restrictions…just your messaging where and when you want it. Our in-house creative design team offer full creative concept solutions inline with your current brand and style guides. Prefer to engage your own designers? HABS Digital offer a complete ‘Media Guide Kit’ detailing our preferred file specifications and formatting.

Delivery & Flexibility

HABS Digital eliminate the need for ‘old school’ signage and printing. Now there is no need to have sales teams painstakingly stick or mount your promotional sales messaging, only to then take them down or replace for the next promotion. We deliver your entire media schedule to the point of purchase when you say so, no later. Our digital media players and servers deliver weekly or monthly reports so you have piece-of-mind and easy reference for your ROI.

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