A Complete Digital Retail Solution 2018-06-04T06:51:03+10:00

HABS Digital – your complete in-store digital signage solution

There are some stores within the retail environment that are limited to available space.  Our Ultra Wide displays make advertising and promotion ideal in these areas due to their aspect ratios being around half the height (sometimes even greater) of normal LCD displays. HABS Digital enables retail stores to make the most of your installation space in-store.  Some important things to consider is how to effectively use your in-store signage and with HABS Digital the benefits are great.

•   Draw customers into the retail digital store experience with Ultra Wide digital signage solutions
•   Increase sales, operational efficiency and brand awareness
•   Designed for displaying information more effectively within limited retail space
•   Up to 700 nits, information and media remains vivid and sharp even under ambient conditions
•   Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View
•   Media Software Management and agency professional advertising design and creative.

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Easy plug & play installation
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